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EQF related projects

Please find a selection of EQF related projects below.

(Further European projects can be found in the databases ADAM and EVE.)


30.07.11 TIPTOE (Testing and Implementing EQF- and ECVET-Principles in Trade Organizations and Education)

The TIPTOE project starts from the assumption that the labour market and the educational field both have their own truths and values. It is proposed that labour market and educational investigations...

30.07.11 EQF Network Testing

EQF Network Testing project is one of twelve projects selected by the European Commission under the call for proposals of 2006 (Call for proposals DG EAC/22/06) promoted by AFDET (Association...

30.07.11 FOOD-SKILLS

Recognition of competences and qualifications in the EU food industry. The project contributes to the development of the qualification systems and frameworks in the sector of Food Industries of...

30.07.11 EUROAPT@

Virtual Tool for Qualifications Diagnosis 2007-2009

30.07.11 SQUARES - Sector Qualification Relations

LEONARDO DA VINCI is the European Union’s programme on vocational education and training. It supports collaborations aimed at preparing the way for adding a reference to the applicable level in the...

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