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EQF related projects

Please find a selection of EQF related projects below.

(Further European projects can be found in the databases ADAM and EVE.)


30.07.11 ZOOM

The European Commission has introduced an eight-level Qualifications Framework, in which all EU Member States are to reference their national qualifications and diplomas by 2012. In this...

30.07.11 EQF-Ref

The EQF-Ref project seeks to facilitate communication between the partner countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands), to enhance learning from each other and...

30.07.11 EQF Pro

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is the result of a long discussion process involving member states, social partners together with the commission and the European Parliament. EQF is presented...

30.07.11 NQF-SQF: Common ground for referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF

The EQF (European Qualifications Framework) as such leaves room for interpretations with regard to the level to which qualifications have to be allocated. Therefore it is important that everybody...

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