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Assigning assessment procedures to the EQF

Assessment rules are traditionally closely linked to curricula, this sometimes gives the impression that they belong necessarily together. In most cases, this was even not true for the past: Regulations for the performance of examinations (the traditional ways of assessment) have always been formulated independently from curricula. Today’s EQF requirements imply even a still stronger emphasis on this separation: The shift to learning outcomes opens doors for the acknowledgement of learning results which have been achieved via non-formal and informal learning that has not been structured in a way which is comparable with curricula.

Assessment delivers the basis for certificates which entitle individuals to work at a specific work position or at least make it appear reasonable. Thus assessment is the interface between the world of work and the world of education and training, marking a delicate position between stakeholders with sometimes considerably differing background. Mutual trust of these stakeholders is not as self-evident as it might seem according to experiences with some national traditions of collaboration; and it is certainly a big challenge to achieve a comparable common understanding among stakeholders all over Europe.

Some essentials of assessment procedures should therefore be considered in terms of EQF assigned assessment procedures.

Descriptions of assessment procedures should cover the following issues:

  • Title and definition of assessment measure
  • Reference to work processes via occupational profiles or equivalent instruments
  • Learning outcomes derived from the requirements of work processes, described in terms of abilities expressed by the EQF descriptors knowledge, skills and competences
  • Education and training pathways to which the assessment procedure(s) refer
  • Description of the way(s) how assessment is carried out
  • References to European quality assurance standards
  • Responsible bodies and their role in national/sectoral environments

Please find examples for EQF assigned assessment procedures here.

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