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The project EQF Predict

“EQF-adapted educational elements in a predictable framework of change”

There is a wide consensus among all stakeholders that a European Qualifications Framework should be used to identify learning outcomes wherever they have been acquired, yet a lot of differing points of view exist on how the EQF should be properly used or how educational instruments should be designed or modified in order to be related to the EQF in the future (e.g. as legal rules, curricula, sectoral and national frameworks, both those already existing and those to be created).

Successful application of an instrument such as the EQF is one way to raise such awareness, but it appears this is not the case. In spite of all differening views, some essential facts appear unalterable (e.g. learning-outcome orientation, level-structure of frameworks, principal subdivision of descriptors). It is obvious that this will have a certain impact on various elements of education systems. It appears therefore reasonable to identify a predictable framework of change and within this framework to describe how EQF-adapted curricula, HR development measures, assessment approaches, legal regulations or certificates could look and to provide examples of EQF use which are simultaneously oriented to the strategic aims of the EQF and to issues of educational practice. The project results are published on the EQF-adaptation support portal.

This project is being carried out by the project consortium between March 2009 and August 2011. Please visit for further information.

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