EQF Network Testing – EQFNET-T

This project supports the European agenda for transparency of qualifications by exploring approaches to NQF development, relationships between NQFs and the EQF, and the use of other tools such as Europass. Participants in this project are representative of national organisations and social partners which are, to greater or lesser extent, involved in the field of vocational qualifications and training.

This project is quite innovative because it proposes to bring together actors in charge of NQF to define the links between different NQFs or qualifications systems with the EQF. It will be the first time that a practical and real comparison will be done between individual delivered “qualifications” systems. Generally speaking, comparisons concern training systems. In this case, however, the social uses of qualifications will be analysed through their contents and their relevance to training in the the labour market. So the different partners must explore a new dimension which was never really done out of training.

1.01.2007 – 31.12.2008


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