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Year/Date: 29/05/2012


There 140 countries developing qualifications frameworks and, according to the ETF, this number is still growing. Most ETF partner countries have started to develop qualifications frameworks, and more and more of them are entering the stage of implementation.

‘This new study is an introduction into the issues of implementation, and it is meant to inform the countries that start planning their implementation processes,’ said Arjen Deij, senior expert at the ETF who worked on the study.

The report has been prepared for the international conference “Qualifications Frameworks: from Concepts to Implementation”, which was held at the European Parliament in 2011. Since then, it document has been improved with the feedback from the countries and from international experts.

The study focuses on the practical aspects of developing and implementing qualifications frameworks and their links to qualifications systems. It covers ten very different countries – Australia, Chile, England, France, Kosovo, Malaysia, Morocco, Namibia, Tajikistan and Turkey.  It looks at how the different contexts influence the development of qualifications, the use of qualifications for assessment and certification and learning. It also sheds light on the cross-cutting issues: communication, coordination, quality assurance and resources.

‘It shows that qualifications frameworks are only an aspect of the changes in the qualifications systems,’ said Mr Deij. ‘The reforms have wider implications for assessment, quality assurance, certification and learning. They also change the way how the stakeholders and providers are involved, and influence the development of specialised bodies for coordination, qualifications development or quality assurance.’

The ETF is currently working on a cross-country study on the reform of vocational qualifications that will provide further insight on the implementation issues.

Any reactions on the study are welcome and can be send to qualifications.platform@etf.europa.eu

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