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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is introduced all over Europe as a translation device between different national education systems in Europe. Among others it also aims to support industry to cope with the shortage of qualified workforce by facilitating workers mobility and therefore employee recruitment from other parts of Europe. For this purpose it makes workers qualifications more transparent to those not familiar with the workers national education system. Read more about the EQF and its mode of action …

The EQF adaptation support portal offers comprehensive information on EQF implementation approaches applied in different European countries such as Austria, Germany, Greece, Romania and Spain. The provided information intends to support HRD/recruitment professionals in enterprises all over Europe to better understand the mode of action of and the benefits offered by the EQF to industry. It facilitates a better understanding and rating of employees’ and applicants’ qualifications obtained in other European countries in terms of their abilities to comply with job requirements based on their qualifications.

The enclosed discussion forum provides the opportunity to practitioners in VET related professions to discuss, exchange and receive guidance and support from experts and peers about EQF adaptation in their specific institutional, sectoral and national contexts.

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