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National Agency for Qualifications in Higher Education and Partnership with the Economic and Social Environment - ACPART (RO)
ACPART is the national authority for qualifications in the Romanian Higher Education system, from November 2005. Its main tasks are to: design, implement and update the national higher education qualifications framework with regards to development, recognition and attestation of qualifications acquired by higher education system beneficiaries, described in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies; analyze the compatibility between the curricula of specializations within the main fields of higher education and the standards of the national qualifications framework, involving the higher education institutions from Romania in the development of a knowledge-based European society, with a competitive and dynamic economy; promote the image of higher education institutions towards the socio-economic environment through cooperation between higher education institutions, employers, other organizations, in order to develop specific partnerships, to research the labour force market, to develop the entrepreneurial dimension of universities in Romania and to transfer the know-how

Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (RO)
MERYS has the responsibility for developing and implementing the educational policy of the government.

National Centre for TVET Development (NCTVETD) (RO)
NCTVETD, subordinated to Ministry of Education, is the body that develops and validates the vocational training standards for pre-university qualifications provided by the technical and vocational education system.

National Council for Adult Vocational Training (RO, EN)
A tri-partite structure made of members of the central public administration, trade unions and employers’ associations which are representative at national level, is the institution that authorises the training providers, develops occupational standards and assesses and certifies professional competences acquired by adults through continuing vocational training. NATB also develops and updates the National Register of qualifications within its scope, having, according to Law no 559/ 2004, the role of national authority for qualifications.

National Agency for Community Programmes in Education and Training (RO)
The National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training was created on 27 January 2005 as a public body subordinated to the Romanian Ministry for Education, Research and Youth, with the aim of managing the Lifelong Learning Programme and Youth in Action at national level. Other Community initiatives - Europass, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus IV and Eurodesk - are also part of the Agency. The Agency became a key element in developing transnational cooperation in education and in Romania's participation in EU programmes for education and vocational training. It aims to ensure the compatibility of the Romanian education and training system with European policies, standards and practices, while at the same time bringing to the fore the national cultural identity.

Institute for Educational Sciences (RO, EN)
As a national institute for research and development in education, the Institute for Educational Sciences aims to put forth the education policies and decisions by the scientific studies and data, to analyse needs and issues of the educational system in Romania.

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