Principle 1: Interrelations between different key education elements and the consequences resulting from these interrelations when assigning one of them to the EQF


There are three key educational elements which are considered crucial for EQF assignment:

  • Occupational standards/profiles
  • Curricula
  • Assessment and quality assurance procedures/measures

These three elements exist in different ways in the European countries. But however, it is obvious that these elements should not be dealt with separately; they are closely related to each other. Therefore the first requirement of proper EQF assignment is to provide for accordance of these elements with regard to EQF reference. It makes no sense if one element is adapted to the EQF without reflection about the consequences for other elements which are linked to it:

  • Curricula intended to lead to a qualification/certificate should agree with the occupational profile/standard which describes the profession which the qualification refers to.
  • Assessment and quality assurance measures refer to performance and results of training and education. It is therefore self-evident that their features have to mirror the EQF orientation of curricula and occupational profiles. (For example, it makes no sense if a curriculum shall provide for learning outcomes described in terms of abilities, and assessment only refers to knowledge.)

We should be aware that the stated interrelations actually exclude to set up seperate suggestions/recommendations for occupational standards, curricula/ course implementation, and assessment procedures separately from each other: There should be one comprehensive set of suggestions that integrates all specifications for the mentioned three areas. Against this background, it would be more than unwise to go too much into details; this would be more or less the same as to suggest the replacement of a total national educational systems by an ideal one.

From this point of view, 
the EQF support portals approach to look at these education key elements separatly is especially justified: It starts from general principles reflecting the overall linkage of the three areas, and it proceeds to area-specific recommendations that should be seen in the light of the general ones.


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