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Conference programme, Tuesday, 26 June 12

(Conference language: English)


Johannes Grotzky, Bayerischer Rundfunk (DE)



Introduction into the topic: The problem of referencing and how to deal with it

Suggestions of the project “Matching Frames” for the automotive, electronics and the metal sector –  guidelines for implementing and referencing SQF, DQF and EQF
Klaus Ruth, ITB, University of Bremen (DE)

Results of the project “Common Grounds for Referencing NQFs and SQFs to the EQF”:
The EQF shadow grid and its application
Gerald Thiel, DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE)

presentation (annex)



Coffee break



Referencing sectoral approaches to the EQF

Sectoral approaches in the Trade Sector
Rob van Wezel, KCH (NL)

Sectoral approaches in the Logistics Sector
Moncef Semichi, AFT (FR)

Referencing sectoral approaches to the EQF: Methodological issues
Claudio Demartini, Politecnico di Torino (IT)




Lunch break



Referencing national qualifications frameworks to the EQF

The current status of the Malta Qualifications Framework and the referencing efforts
James J. Calleja, Malta Qualifications Council (MT)

Outcome-orientation in the German frame curricula and the significance for referencing
Hartmut Müller, Bezirksregierung Köln (DE)

The challenges of setting up a national qualification framework in Lithuania, its reference to sectors
Vidmantas Tūtlys, University of Kaunas (LI)




General Discussion: “The issue of referencing”
(Open debate about the contributions delivered so far)

Introductury note:
The current status of the referencing discussion within the EQF Advisory Group: What can be done to guarantee referencing according to the needs of professional work?
James J. Calleja, MQC (MT)

Chair: Tormod Skjerve, Virke (NO)



Coffee break



Panel discussion: “How the end users will be affected by Qualifications Frameworks and how to inform them properly: the role of media”

Guiding questions:

_Requirements for proper information on
  education from the side of education and media

_How a future concept of ideal information strategy could look like: The
  example of informing about framework issues

Chair: Jeanne Rubner, Bayerischer Rundfunk (DE)

Panel members:     
_Brigitte Bouquet, Commission Nationale de la Certification
  Professionnelle (FR)
_James J. Calleja, MQC/ Government of Malta (MT)
_Roland Grunder, Swissmedia, Honorary Consul of Tunisia, (CH)
_Anne Murphy, Dublin Institute of Technology (IE)
_Gertrud Schilcher-Fuhrig, European College of Business and
  Management (UK/DE)
_T. K. Volpato, Fundacion Laboral del Metal (ES)


End of Conference



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